Evan Marc – Emotional Ecology

Evan Marc - Emotional Ecology

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Evan Marc – Emotional Ecology
CD, Psybooty Records, 2007

“Emotional Ecology” is the debut by Evan Bartholomew using the Evan Marc moniker for this tech-house recording of melodic dub/dance. Its goal is to bring a sense of the sacred to the people on the dance floor, to let themselves go and experience magic through movement along a certain emotional development. To free himself in the creative process, Mr Bartholomew relied on lots of improvisation and experimentation without losing the albums goal out of sight.

The bumping and soaring dub beats and low basses on each of the 11 tracks create a deep groove of its own which keeps evolving in an intelligent, vibrant but still quite un-offensive way.

I personally prefer the more mellow side shining through this music, such as featured on the tantalizing “Space Suit”, “Ekoshok” or the closing piece “Spiralhouse”.

Website: bluetech.bandcamp.com


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