Exuviae – A Place Among Everything

Exuviae - A Place Among Everything

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Exuviae – A Place Among Everything
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

It must be over a decade or so since I listened to another work from Brooks Rongstad aka Exuviae, who -in his own words- creates ‘ambient alchemy through synthesis and sound design’. The 57-minute “A Place Among Everything” features a minimal compositional approach overall and involves some abstract/experimental, surreal as well as computer-esque sound processing on each of the eight tracks. Not an easy nor harmonic cup to digest despite a couple of dreamy, rather desolate waveforms passing by occasionally.

Instead of hearing these strange, psychedelic sound excursions I simply long for those warm textural worlds of inner calm he released way back in 2000…

Website: exuviae.bandcamp.com

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