Exuviae – Echoes in the Emptiness

Exuviae - Echoes in the Emptiness

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Exuviae – Echoes in the Emptiness

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Greenhouse Music, 2000

Greenhouse Music’s third album, released over 20 years ago, comes in the name of Exuviae, aka American musician Brooks Rongstad. The Greenhouse compilation “Convergent Evolution” already featured an exclusive piece by him, but now he has released a full cd.

Brooks is self-taught, and after years of playing in bands, he started to get involved in the electronic side of recording technology and composing music. After first stepping into ambient dance, Brooks decided to focus more on the more atmospheric side of Em, using guitars, the Shakuhachi flute, and chimes, among others, in addition to synths in his Shadowland studio. Exuvia’s densely woven, floating space/ambient is, in my opinion, a combination of Liquid Mind, Steve Roach, and Jeff Pearce (particularly in terms of sound treatment), and is undeniably captivating.

The layers of sound merge almost seamlessly into each other and have a slightly hypnotic, dreamlike effect, particularly due to the length of the compositions. The sound is always grand yet introspective in character, and as far as I am concerned, “Echoes in the Emptiness” is a stunning piece of excellently produced music that, together with the GH label, deserves plenty of attention.

The physical version of this fine recording is long out of print but the music is still available as a download as a name-your-price on the composer’s BC page.

Website: exuviae.bandcamp.com

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