Exuviae – Intrinsic Luminance

Exuviae - Intrinsic Luminance

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Exuviae – Intrinsic Luminance
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2009

With “Intrinsic Luminance”, Exuviae (aka Minnesota-based ambient composer Brooks Rongstad), finally brings us another chapter of textural and highly atmospheric pieces that contine where the gentle ambiences of “Echoes in the Emptiness” or “Settling Density” left us.

I’m glad Brooks took the time to mould these smooth and overall gentle soundscapes from achival recordings made between 2003 and 2007, as the slow procession of delicate and masterfully layered ambiences very nicely complement the aformentioned releases.

The eight pieces on this release, created using only an electric guitar and a range of sophisticated sound processing techniques, dwell quietly in their own private space in a dreamy, introspective manner with occasionally some gentle and organic environmental rustlings accompanying them.

If you’re looking for slow motion soundscape minatures, the quite magical “Intrinsic Luminance” will do the trick for you.
The release is available as free download from the Endless Ascent netlabel.

Website: http//exuviae.bandcamp.com

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