Exuviae – Setting Density

Exuviae - Setting Density

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Exuviae – Setting Density
CD-R, AtmoWorks, 2003

Exuviae is actually Brooks Rongstad, one of the guys who participated in the now defunct Greenhouse label.

In fact, “Settling Density” goes on where his debut-cd “Echoes in the Emptiness” (2000) left us: it’s another fine collection of freefloating ambient driftmusic, bathing the listener in harmonious synth washes of electronic bliss.

The outcome is almost pure liquid flowing out of the loudspeakers which will slow down any busy mind, as the soft soaring minimalism starts moving inward. This serene music will satisfy all those who enjoy the intimate lingerings of Jeff Pearce, Constance Demby, Steve Roach (“Quiet Music” and alike) or the sonic driftworlds of James Johnson and/or Vir Unis.
Well done!

P.s. The album was re-released in 2008 by Atmoworks.

Website: http//exuviae.bandcamp.com

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