Exuviae – The White Underneath

Exuviae - The White Underneath

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Exuviae – The White Underneath
CD-R, AtmoWorks, 2008

“The White Underneath” is the long-awaited fourth album by Brooks Rongstad, aka Exuviae, also know as co-founder of the Greenhouse ambient label that -sadly enough- had to be shut down several years ago.

The new album, described by Brooks as an experimental Ep featuring remixes of each track by fellow Minnesota artists, contains four new ambient compositions of five minutes each.
It surprised and disappointed me, as it only slightly continues to show some distinct trademarks of the harmonious, drifting, ethereal and textural sound worlds as found on his previous albums.

On “The White Underneath”, the sound pallet is constructed of alienating voice snippets, clouded and looped textures, experimental rhythms and unusual structures which all bring a far more rougher, uneasy edge to the sonic outcome when compared to Exuviae’s music of “Settling Density” or “Response”.

So make sure to check out the soundbites on the Atmoworks site before you decide to dig the restless content of the full album.
The album itself is available as cd-r or as 320 kbps mp3 download

Website: http//exuviae.bandcamp.com

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