F.D. Project – Moments of Life

F.D. Project - Moments of Life

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F.D. Project – Moments of Life
CD, Private Release, 2013

One of the many things that always fascinated me on the accessible releases of Frank Dorittke, aka F.D. project, are its freshness and vibrant feel paired with a contemporary sounds design that takes its own bits and pieces of inspiration from old school German electronics.

On the 60-minute “Moments of Life” though, Franks deepens the emotive experience, coming up close and personal more than ever. Still, some Mike Oldfield and in-your-face rock elements aren’t forgotten, as Franks pays tribute to “The Return of O.. part four” , with a nice, short nod to “Tubular Bells”. Most of the other tracks display lots of intimate moments, but also air positive vibrations such as on the lyrical and quite uplifting “Perfect World”.

The outcome even remains attractive when things are kept rather simple, concise and to the point (“Solar Point”) and easily reflects a strong influence of Ashra on the minimalist, soft soaring “Dreamcatcher”. It’s sad though the latter contains a few audio flaws.

The sensitive “6 Minutes of Silence” rounding out the album puts all things into place, making “Moments of Life” Frank’s most personal release until now.

Website: www.space-music.de

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