F.D. Project – Mountainway

F.D. Project - Mountainway

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F.D. Project – Mountainway
CD, Private Release, 2005

Since he started out making and releasing music as F.D. Project, Frank Dorittke has gained quite a large amount of fans worldwide, which isn’t that hard to understand when one listens to his work.

His music has an open and accessible character, spiced with quite a lot melodic, straightforward and sometimes even rocking guitar solos, up-tempo rhythms and catchy sequencing.

The outcome lies somewhere in between Mike Oldfield, instrumental Pink Floyd and a good dash of Berliner School electronics, here even featuring Frank’s own version of Tangerine Dream’s track “Coldwater Canyon”.
The 2005-release “Mountainway” offers 78 minutes of dynamic, spacious and general melodic tunes, ending with a 16-minute live track from 2004 as a bonus.

I have no doubt this album will appeal to a wide audience of electronic music fans out there, as “Mountainway” proves here’s a talented musician at work whose got things very much under control.

Website: www.space-music.de

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