F.D. Project – T & Y

F.D. Project - T & Y

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F.D. Project – T & Y
CD, Private Release, 2009

With “T & Y” (Today & Yesterday), Frank Dorittke continues his path along the avenue of melodic instrumental EM, which seems to contain pieces and ideas going back until 2003.
The album is divided in two parts, “Today” containing Frank’s more recent music put forward as longer pieces, while “Yesterday” fills the second half of the cd with five older, more concise tracks.

The 17-minute opening track “Stars and Sky” immediately makes clear Frank is an admirer of Mike Oldfield, according to the nice melodic space-guitar playing and the folky interlude. But there’s lots more happening in this exciting track, such as lovely female choir pads, catchy rhythms/sequencer patterns and some excellent guitar soloing, the latter really hitting the mark at 14 minutes till the end.

This piece, with the following five tracks, forms the heart of this highly melodic and accessible work, as one can quite easily hear the less structured and thinner sound of the older tracks, which seem to have been added as a bonus to make up this 77-minute album.

Fans of catchy contemporary electronic music will find lots of their liking here.

Website: www.space-music.de

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