F.D. Project – Timeless II

F.D. Project - Timeless II

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F.D. Project – Timeless II
CD, Private Release, 2016

“Timeless II” (which actually has a loud sound level) saw the light of day exactly 10 years after the first album from 2006.

This second chapter features a lot of sounds created back then (check “Return of O..part V”) along some infectious sequencing/drums parts and melodic lines. In addition, Frank has added some fine guitar work and synth solos to a few of the seven tracks. “Elemental Movement” displays a strong analogue pulsating feel, but its overall sound is also a bit blurred while strong opener “Space Fields” holds a special charm for me. The latter also applies to the 17-minute bonus “Live 2014 Germany” where Frank ventures into mellow, cinematic and subdued-sparkling space environs.

Fans of general melodic, sequencer-spiced EM can’t go wrong with this release.

Website: www.space-music.de

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