F.D. Project – Timeless

F.D. Project - Timeless

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F.D. Project – Timeless
CD, Private Release, 2006

F.D. Project is a project of the German musician Frank Dorittke, whose accessible instrumental music has proven to be quite a success until now.

“Timeless”, his fourth release if I’m not mistaken, contains nine tracks, of which the 15-minute opening track “Time Traveler” almost instantly creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that will appeal to many listeners. Jolly and dynamic sequencer patterns lead the way, to which smooth melodic lines and solos are added.

The music of this one-man project has often been compared to Mike Oldfield, which is very understandable, especially when one hears “The Return of O.”
On a few tracks, Frank adds some straight-forward and melodic e-guitar playing, which gives a rocking, dynamic flavor to the engaging music.

All in all, “Timeless” is recommended for all those who love a good dose of well executed and melodic contemporary electronic music.

Website: www.space-music.de

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