F.D. Project – Water and Earth

F.D. Project - Water and Earth

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F.D. Project – Water and Earth
CD, Private Release, 2011

Since several years, German composer Frank Dorittke (aka F.D. Project) is quite succesfull in his efforts to fuse melodic contemporary styles and vintage electronics with some poignant and sometimes even powerful e-guitar. His recent collaborations with Ron Boots and friends in project MorPheusz even helped him further mould, define and deepen these sonic creations.

The 75-minute “Water and Earth” offers eight melodic and smoothly sequenced instrumental compositions in which his captivating e-guitar is both a prominent as a quiet companion. The first two pieces (“Under Water” and “Norway”) both offer a tasty entrance to this new chapter of Frank’s Project.

A comfortable, more lazy feel radiates from the shorter “Sunday Afternoon”, while the evocative “Earth” following in its footsteps combines the best from the electronic music from the UK and Germany, nicely topped by some smooth solo voices. This piece is nicely complimented by the vibrantly sequenced and a bit more up-tempo “Sonar”, that occasionally features some fierce, slightly psychedelic e-guitar solos running alongside warm solo sounds.

Two fine shorter pieces, one being Frank’s version of John Dyson’s classic track “Evolution”, lead the way to a 13-minute bonus piece found at the tail of the cd. “Live Studio Recording for Satzvey Castle Concert 2011” is actually an excerpt of a piece that originally clocked over 30 minutes. It offers a more upfront display of nicely layered sound pads and smooth soaring solos, all melted together in a rhythmic, elegantly sequenced string of events.

All in all, “Water and Earth” just does the trick by simply offering passionate and well-composed music most EM-listeners will easily fall in love with.

Website: www.space-music.de

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