Faber – Pictures

Faber - Pictures

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Faber – Pictures
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2013

Faber, aka German synthesist Ronald Schmidt, is one of the composers of Bernd Scholl’s Mellowjet label, whose music I haven’t been able to investigate until now.

“Pictures”, his third release to date, offers nine instrumental offerings inspired by pictures of his personal past life. Already on the first track it becomes clear Faber doesn’t sound (nor makes things) complicated. He relies on and sticks to mellow-melodic music featuring contemporary sound pads and quite easy-going sequencers, accompanied by quite standard drum computer rhythms and occasional voice samples. Most of all, this is mainstream electronic stuff that could use a good dose of salt and pepper as it stays far too much on the safe side.

Most of all, “Electronic Forest”, “Blue Planet” or “Phonec” make bleak amateur recordings while “Art of Voice” tries its hand into Kraftwerkian techno-dance effortlessly.
No, “Pictures” can’t do any good for me.



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