False Mirror – Derelict World

False Mirror - Derelict World

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False Mirror – Derelict World
CD, Malignant Records, 2010

False Mirror is a project of the German composer Tobias Hornberger, of which “Derelict World” is the third album.
The album is of a highly ambient-drone nature, bringing to life the destructive side of natural things that surround us each and every day.

Moreover its dark-oriented, but the overall impact is not unpleasant due to its spacious, transparent and skilful layering of textures, loops, sample food and field recordings.

All sonic elements are aptly merged together into a fascinating but also mysterious sounding and smoothly resonating sound world in which one can find menacing and gloomy undercurrents next to feelings of desolation and an impending sense of doom.

The release comes with a nicely designed 20-page booklet with a conceptually short story. The last piece “The Sea of Oblivion” contains an untitled hidden track after about six minutes of silent sea waves, that takes the listener on a quest for a secret bonus world on the projects website.

The continuous 74-minute apocalyptic “Derelict World” may satisfy the needs for those looking for an epic sonic journey into expansive dronescapes and remote wastelands with strong organic flavours.

Website: www.falsemirror.de


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