Fanger & Schönwälder – Analog Overdose 5

Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog Overdose 5

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Fanger & Schönwälder – Analog Overdose 5
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manikin Records, 2014

For the music on the 77-minute “Analog Overdose 5” (a kind of cityscapes caught in electronic music) the duo Fanger & Schönwälder has teamed up with Lutz (Lüül) Graf-Ulbrich The latter also joined them on the first volume back in 2001, and hereby delivers some atmospheric e-guitar. The release presents an energetic and slightly progressive form of BS-music, occasionally to groovy and chill-out effect, with a good dose of not too prominent (improvised) solo voices surfaces upon them occasionally

The moody “Wannsee” and “Wintergarten” definitely fit in the overtly relaxed realm while the groovy-ish vibe reveals itself on “Ringbahn” and “West-Tangente”. The releases overall spatial sound design features many contemporary sound pads, smooth bouncy sequencing along a proper portion of vintage soundings and delicate rhythms.

“Zentralflughafen” is more up-tempo and expressive, not the least due to powerful drums and quite lyrical solo guitar in Ashra-style gracing this quite minimal-shaped track. Something similar happens on the very tasty, almost dancy “Funkturm”.

Although the nine shorter pieces are accomplished nicely, it’s the two lengthier pieces (“Geisterbahnhof “, “Frankfurter Allee”) that offer the appropriate freeway to make the music express itself to the fullest. The fresh and fruity 22-minute “Frankfurter Allee” rounding out the album again sounds very Ashra/Gottching-like with its joyful guitar playing.

All in all, “Analog Overdose 5” makes an easy-going and convincing release, which must have been lots of fun to produce.


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