Far East Family Band – Parallel World

Far East Family Band - Parallel World

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Far East Family Band – Parallel World
LP/CD, Nippon Columbia, 1976

In the discography of this band, “Parallel World” is exceptional album, not only as Masanori Takahashi (aka Kitaro) was part of this psychedelic/prog band, but also due to involvement of Klaus Schulze as producer and mixer of the whole release.

There are lots of fine Moog sounds and effects found on the 60-minute space-rock recording as well as groovy drums and energetic guitar parts. Although things start out in an experimental fashion, it’s hard to miss the influence of Schulze’s “Moondawn” on the symphonic 15-minute “Entering/Times”.

After the moody and slow ballad “Kokoro”, the main course is served by means of the 30-minute title track. The latter is a tantalizing and highly energetic space ride through progressive electronic music featuring lots of trippy jamming on synths, mellotron and guitar, with an excellent bass line and drums showing the way from the start. Also note the beautiful, quite trance inducing synths marking the final section of this piece. Imagine the sounds of Gong, Pink Floyd and Eloy displayed in an extraordinary mélange and in a wondrous, emotive way.

So if you looking for a psychedelic/prog release of the 70’s, “Parallel World” will proof special for sure.



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