F.D. Project – Color of Life

F.D. Project - Color of Life

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F.D. Project – Color of Life
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2022

The music featured on the 9- track “Color of Life” sees a continuation of Frank Dorittke’s contemporary, highly melodic style. Some pieces are rhythmic-driven, slightly rock-oriented, or pure electronic while others (like “Blue”) turn out most relaxed. This apart from a few pieces that contain Frank’s characteristic, well-executed guitar playing that sounds most Mike Oldfield-like on some passages such as “Grey (City Light)”.

So no surprises whatsoever on this accessible, quite versatile but overall moody release, which is dedicated to the late Sylvia Sommerfeld of Germany’s Schallwende EM Fanclub.

Website: www.space-music.de

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