Filter-Kaffee – 100

Filter-Kaffee - 100

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Filter-Kaffee – 100
CD-EP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manikin Records, 2016

From the start of the 45-minute “100”, which compiles tracks from 2009-2016, it is clear Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder stick to their trade mark of contemporary and overall moody electronics with hindsight on some retro-stuff made in the mid ’70’s. T

his time around, the result is an atmospheric one with only occasional use of sequencing. The first two pieces, while not bad, seem a kind of introduction. The lush “Shadows of the Darkshift” (that doesn’t stray far from some recent Schulze) and more mysterious-oriented, sequencer-spiced “Rebound” illustrate this beautifully while. I simply wished both pieces lasted longer than their 6 and 8 minutes respectively.

The light atmosphere of “Raindrops” hangs a bit between these two compositions. “Midnight Session” rounds out the album, blending all for mentioned ingredients in a pleasant, soft-soaring and reflective-oriented 17-minute freeform composition.
After having heard a few of Filterkaffee’s album I’m a bit curious if and how these two musicians would execute their stuff live…



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