Flames of Genesis – A Bridge to Further Realms

Flames of Genesis - A Bridge to Further Realms

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Flames of Genesis – A Bridge to Further Realms
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Minotauro Records, 2017

Flames of Genesis is the name of a project by the same composer -also known as The Voyager- who’s producing music as Dreamfire. It was actually was born out of the creativity going in a totally different direction that didn’t fit the Dreamfire-concept. “A Bridge to Further Realms” marks the first part of the Interstellar Migration-trilogy where each chapter represents different aspects of the great beyond along an otherworldly concept to it.

The 68-minute highly imaginative, dark ambient outcome features seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered with no trace of any rhythm. It’s a continuous gloomy yet haunting cosmic soundscape journey into the vast unknown (indeed very different in texture and feel to the more melodic-ethereal soundings of Dreamfire) with a few nightmarish undercurrents flying by. Recalling the stark dark ambient of labels like Cryo Chamber, Malignant Records or Cold Meat Industry, “A Bridge to Further Realms” morphs into overall chilling dimensions, mysterious caverns and expansive aural spaces where desolation reigns.

Rest to say this recording -wrapping one in the cold embrace of space- proves a challenging listen suited only for the more daring ambient aficionados out there.

Website: www.flamesofgenesis.co.uk


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