Force Majeure – Total Eclipse

Force Majeure - Total Eclipse

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Force Majeure – Total Eclipse
CD, Periferic Records, 1999

Force Majeure, aka Laszlo Kovacs and Zsolt Vidovenyecz, hails from Hungary. “Total Eclipse” is their debut cd, dedicated to the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.

The music shows some distinct traces from the Berliner School, especially Tangerine Dream. The latter applies to the use of sequencers used on the twelve tracks, 50 minutes in total, although the fourth track “Rainbow” firmly points in the musical direction of Mr Jarre.

The ninth track “Flare” reminds a lot of TD’s piece “Horizon”, certainly when one pays attention to the way it is built and the sound of the straight forward sequencers.
“Elementary Forces” comes next, and is the only weak track on the album, due to a simplistic structure and different style.
Six tracks of this cd are also featured on the Force Majeure’s live video “Future Lights”.

All in all, the well produced “Total Eclipse” is a properly executed and worthy concept album that fans of Berliner School music should check out.

P.S. the album was re-released as a remastered digital download in June 2016. The band name Force Majeure was replaced by Pergamoon.



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