Forrest Fang – Ancient Machines

Forrest Fang - Ancient Machines

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Forrest Fang – Ancient Machines
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2019

Every recording by multi-instrumentalist and sound creator Forrest Fang I’ve listened to has been an enchanting, mystifying and intriguing experience. In the creative process of molding and shaping “Ancient Machines”, the composer acknowledged the early sounds and influences of minimalists Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley. Furthermore, Mr Fang refers to a hybrid ambient style that invites interaction between Western and non-Western instruments that are not ordinarily used or blended together.

Well, the forms and structures laid out in the spacious, electro-acoustic outcome combines minimalism with slow evolving poly-rhythms along attentively mapped-out drifting, gamelan-infused soundscapes. Timelessness and calm form the core of “The Other Earth” and closer “Night Swans”, both somewhat reminding of Roach/Rich’s epic track “The Grotto of Time Lost”.

Overall, an arc of mysteriously complex moods and emotions is addressed on the 72-minute sonic narrative offering a panoramic space while triggering the listener’s imagination simultaneously.


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