Forrest Fang – Forever Cascades

Forrest Fang - Forever Cascades

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Forrest Fang – Forever Cascades
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2021

For “Forever Cascades”, multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang created ten rhythmic-driven, minimalist aural surroundings with an Oriental edge, blending synthetic textures with world instruments such as violin, gamelan, dulcimer, and the clavinet as well as assorted acoustic and metal percussion. The core inspiration came through walks near the San Francisco Bay where the composer was drawn to the cycles and cadences of tides and aquatic life that shifted gradually from season to season. As such he was seeking a similar underlying cadence or pulse in these pieces that would evolve over time. Both “The Land of Nine Rivers” as well as “Murmurances” are winners when it comes to impressionist, pure and calm atmospheres, while captivating, cinematic beauty is evaporating from  “Four Points”, West, “The Clockmaker” and “Out of Frame”.

Overall, I feel Fang’s music has taken a bit more mysterious, densely-layered but also a tad more detailed and brighter direction on this recording.


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