Forrest Fang – Gongland

Forrest Fang - Gongland

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Forrest Fang – Gongland
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2000

Being an avid fan of ethereal ambient music, the smooth shifting atmospheres and exotic-flavored textures found on Forrest Fang’s classic album “Gongland” is still a release to cherish in this genre.

The eclectic outcome of hypnotizing, slow morphing soundscapes with world music elements is poured into 13 vaporous tracks, which melt the sense of elevation with the intimate atmospheric. The echoes of Gamelan and Eastern music shimmer through, putting a psychedelic, hallucinatory nod to the result occasionally. Then again, the spacious textural layering mapped out here is subtle, while the assorted organic elements in the mesmerizing sound design are always nearby. Of all takes, the cosmic outings “Sonosphere” and “Sierpinski Plain” (both clocking over 11 minute) still stand as my personal favourites.

All in all, “Gongland” might not be that special at first listen, but give it several more spins – especially the two highlights I mentioned previously- and you will definitely be touched by the glowing, captivating and deeper sound current grabbing your attention as you ascent and dwell in its enchanting realm.


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