Forrest Fang – The Book of Wanderers

Forrest Fang - The Book of Wanderers

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Forrest Fang – The Book of Wanderers
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2020

On all previous albums of Forrest Fang I’ve encountered so far I’ve much enjoyed a rather complex style of music merging elements from Non-Western and Western music elements sophisticatedly. Being confined in his home studio during the Covid lockdown in spring and summer 2020, Forrest felt the urge to create an auditory escape that provided virtual, idealized spaces for his mind to wander.

The result is the 71-minute “The Book of Wanderers”, an introspective ambient recording containing ten evocative electro-acoustic tone poems where Mr Fang (aside from the usual gamelan influences and slices of minimalism shining through) has found a way to blend many ingredients from his back catalogue with new sonic vistas. “Elephant steps” makes an energetic, rhythmic outing next to the overall dreamy realm found all over the album with “Astir”, “Atlantis”, “Chasing Stars and final track “Kepler’s Return” as highlights.

With “The Book of Wanderers” the composer has outdone himself another time. It’s recommended to all who love enchanting, narrative ambient music. Chapeau, Forrest!


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