Forrest Fang – The Fata Morgana Dream

Forrest Fang - The Fata Morgana Dream


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Forrest Fang – The Fata Morgana Dream
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2019

In my opinion composer Forrest Fang has delivered some very well crafted, evocative ambient art the last five years previous to this one. The high quality is extended on “The Fata Morgana Dream” (again mastered expertly by Robert Rich) offering a fine and spacious blend of acoustic and electronic sounds from the West and East. In the words of the composer it’s a series of atmospheric pieces that are connected by a nocturnal and free-floating spirit that allows different instruments, treatments and effects to interact in a malleable space.

The rich and very open sounding 67-minute result is hypnotizing, dreamful and scattered with gliding textures, swirling patterns of motion and varying dynamic levels. It opens up windows to beautiful farscapes of which the borders seem to expand or even briefly disappear as the mesmerizing, dreamful journey spreads its wings. And yes, the delicate sonic perfume of gamelan and Indonesia surfaces here once again occasionally (“Night Procession”, “Dream of the last Fisherman”).

Like its predecessors “The Fata Morgana Dream” makes quality ambient for an off-the-world trip to immerse and disappear in….


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