Forrest Fang – The Lost Seasons of Amorphia

Forrest Fang - The Lost Seasons of Amorphia

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Forrest Fang – The Lost Seasons of Amorphia

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2022

US musician Forrest Fang is one of the best-selling artists on Sam Rosenthal’s Projekt label. Forrest’s creative process is generally about exploration, aiming to develop a “sound” that he can use to suggest different moods and structures. The seeds for “The Lost Seasons of Amorphia” actually came out of a commission from Chuck Van Zyl’s space music radio program “Stars’ End.” who requested an extended electronic piece for a special Thanksgiving show in 2021. Mr. Fang on his behalf enjoyed creating that piece (“The Isle of Welcome”) very much, and decided to use it as the foundation for “The Lost Seasons of Amorphia”.

The electro-acoustic outcome features a range of acoustic string and percussion instruments (including violin, Japanese Palm Harp, Balinese Kendang, and several metallophones from a Javanese gamelan) along with assorted electronic instrumentation, both hardware and virtual. The immersive 68-minute outcome is a dreamy, ethereal, and minimalist journey taking the listener into and through a gradually unfolding aural world made up of calm atmospheric, organic-infused realms with many different portals, mysterious shades, and introspective ambiences passing by.

Overall rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars.


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