Frank Klare – Solodreams

Frank Klare - Solodreams  


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Frank Klare – Solodreams
CD-r/Digital Download, Syngate, 1986/2012

Here’s a nice (re)discovery coming from the German Syngate label offering the EM-audience a full album of cosmic electronics in vintage, end of the ’70s Schulze-style. Pete Farn gave his very best in the remastering process of the original tape while maintaining its warmth, feel, and identity.

Based on the same-titled, privately released cassette that saw the light of day in 1986, this new edition has been enhanced with the 29-minute “Monomode part 1” (while part 2 forms the finale), a feast for all who love lengthy, slow evolving sequences during KS’s “Body Love” period as well as memorable live concerts. The other tracks are in a melodic up-tempo, sequencer-driven fashion, though the sparkling “New Age”, “Fantasia” “Rhythmic Runner” and “Living Dreams” could line up easily next to ’80s TD. All in all, this is quite infectious stuff no fan of Berlin School music will want to miss out on, I reckon.




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