Frank Van Bogaert – Air Machine

Frank Van Bogaert - Air Machine

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Frank Van Bogaert – Air Machine
CD, ACE Studio Editions, 2009

“Air Machine” by Belgian composer, producer and musician Frank Van Bogaert is a privately released cd, which sees him collaborate with Erik Wøllo on a few tracks, besides exploring quite some new musical territories.
The digi-pack cd comes with some stunning, very clean artwork, of which the music itself took over two years to compose and mix.

It’s actually Frank’s first concept album, dealing with the environmental issue threatening our planet, and thus affecting us all.
The 50-minutes of music still has the Van Bogaert-approach, but the music is more spread-out, at times the melodic approach and “Vangelis-sound” has moved to the background, leaving room for some to-the-point guitar work by Erik Wøllo.

Of all tracks, especially the smoothly rocking “Hyperventilate” is a nice hybrid of the style of both musicians, including some spacious choirs on top.
This is followed by the nice, intimate “All has stopped”, taking the slow lane for 4,5 minutes, but the air machine shift into higher gear as another strong piece (“Breathe”) announces itself. This rhythmic, melodic outing fits more into Frank’s familiar style, and even sees him sing nicely.

The atmospheric “Cold Steel” is a highlight as well, although I noticed some light distortion in the airy female singing, after which the smooth, multi-layered “The Thin Line” fits in Van Bogaert’s grand sounding style again. The heart-warming final track almost sounds like an ode for a better, more balanced world.
Although rather different compared to his tradition trade, “Air Machine” reveals another interesting level of Frank’s musicianship.

Due to the satisfying and fruitful collaboration on this cd, Frank and Erik have decided they should work on a future full Wøllo/Van Bogaert album.


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