Frank Van Bogaert – Geographic

Frank Van Bogaert - Geographic

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Frank Van Bogaert – Geographic
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1999

With his second album “Geographic”, Belgium synthesist Frank van Bogaert takes his listeners on a journey to far-off places, a tasty melting pot of electronics, assorted world (percussion) instruments and voice snippets.

Moreover, it’s (again) highly emotive work of sonic art with a carefully molded sound design that reminds somewhat of Vangelis. The album features 12 compelling tracks made with lots of love and tenderness, airing beautiful melodic lines and symphonic outing.

The epic title track with hymn-like grandeur kicking off the album already sets a great mood, which is carried on by strong pieces such as the blasting “Deserts”, the highly emotional “Highlands, High Hopes” (yes, the bagpipes fly by as well) or the evocative “Earth”. Things even get jolly and groovy on “Sauvage”.

The icing on the cake is delivered by the top-notch mastering, mix and overall production. Well done, Frank!


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