Frédéric Wurtz – Sequence Time

Frédéric Wurtz - Sequence Time

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Frédéric Wurtz – Sequence Time
MC, Private Release, 1990

Fans of sequencer-driven, highly TD-influenced electronic music from the late ‘70’s and mid ‘80’s should be pleased with Frédéric Wurtz’s album “Sequence Time”. Better known as AEM – Antike Elektronische Musik in later years, Mr Wurtz has compiled 10 vibrant and melodic instrumentals made between 1987 and 1990 that already show his passion for Berlin School electronics accompanied by digital drums.

“Sequence Time” though clearly is an early and immature work as the 54-minute outcome sounds thin, has quite some rumble and could do with appropriate refinement and thorough mastering /mixing/production. Nonetheless, the music already displays much potential and attractiveness in its current form in spite of the various shortcomings and mediocre sound quality.

“Ultimate Time”, “Interphase”, the tantalizing “West Side Land” (which would end up on the album “Vision Set”) and the nicely rendered, rather complex “Journey of Time” are fine pieces to get a taste. As such, “Sequence Time” is one for collectors and completists.



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