Frederick Rousseau – Abyss

Frederick Rousseau - Abyss

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Frederick Rousseau – Abyss
CD, Origins, 1997

After two concept albums about woods, the French composer Frédérick Frederick Rousseau now turns to the mysteries and isolation of the ocean deeps. Regarding the content of “Abyss”, Rousseau refers to it being “no music”, an experience realised with neurologists specialised in music therapy.

The cd contains four long uninterrupted tracks, starting with the sound of the sea on “Drifting Deep” before we dive into the deep with flowing soundscapes, soft heavenly voices and a poignant piano key. The relaxed journey continues beautifully on the sonic magic of “Cold, dark and silent” and “Blue Funeral” which both have some Vangelis-kindred elements.
The start of the great “Sunken Mysteries” comes close to Vangelis’ “Antarctica”, later on developing in beautiful and grand symphonic realms after which things slow down into deep mystery.

This is very well executed underwater ambient which would do great with some stunning visuals.



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