Front Line Assembly – Airmech

Front Line Assembly - Airmech

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Front Line Assembly – Airmech
CD, Metropolis Records, 2012

What I got here is the fully instrumental soundtrack to the real-time strategy videogame “Airmech” created by Bill Leeb (Skinny Puppy, Noise Unit, Delerium, Synaesthesia), assisted by a bunch of trusted musicians.

The outcome is solid, contemporary, cool and stark electronic music with a darker edge. Think in-your-face electro-industrial and experimental sound, giving way to lots of grooves, bulldozer beats, samples and catchy riffs along dub-step influences and quite a repetitive sonic pattern.

I can’t say “Airtmech” makes an easy listen, as the result sounds abrasive and mechanical with some orchestral sidesteps, making quite an exhausting listen if you’re not accustomed to this blast of sounds, turmoil of effects/samples and heavy volume rhythm/beats.

Although different from FLA´s regular output, this release of stark electronics remains a hard one to chew.



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