Frore & Shane Morris – Blood Moon

Frore & Shane Morris - Blood Moon

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Frore & Shane Morris – Blood Moon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music , 2015

Next to Steve Roach, the US-duo Frore (aka Paul Casper) and Shane Morris were also attracted and inspired by the solar eclipse, which led to this tribal-ambient release featuring a trance-inducing, ingenious melt of electronic and acoustic instruments.

In there are five rhythm-oriented rides where minimalist, hypnotic and ethereal realms stride aside of each other. It’s not difficult to hear parallels with some darker-shaded ethno works by ambient master Steve, as travels like the hypnotizing “Unfolding” venture into kindred, shaman-flavoured sound worlds. The tasty addition of the duduk to the sound design of “Orison” makes this track stand out for me, lending it a mysterious, elevating edge.

Overall, there are lots of details and captivating currents to be discovered in this fine aural work along many cyclic structures.



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