Fryderyk Jona – Wind Experience

Fryderyk Jona - Wind Experience

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Fryderyk Jona – Wind Experience
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synth Musik, 2014

Fryderyk Jona is a young Polish synthesist now living in Mainz, Germany, who hereby presents his debut album of contemporary, Berlin School-oriented electronic music. On the 56-minute overall mellow sounding “Wind Experience”, Mr Jona pairs smooth pulsating and sequenced music with textural spheres.

Already on the opening (title) piece he pairs non-expressive synth-fiddling á la Schulze with some improvised synth-saxophone on the biggest part of the composition before ending in an atmospheric manner. The Schulzian, sequencer/percussion-driven character including some vague solo voices continues on the remaining six tracks without seeing them get any proper content while Frydryk adds various sound effects in the outros. It all sounds like a sonic framework that’s empty and still needs some filling in, which doesn’t happen.

At first glance, things seem to improve a bit on the three-part “Juno Dream”, but it soon appears the minutes here also simply tick away with no substantial or interesting progression noticeable unfortunately. The musics dreariness and simplicity actually started to get on my nerves, so I was more than happy when it all ended.



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