FutureMusicCorp – Etoile Nord

FutureMusicCorp - Etoile Nord

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FutureMusicCorp – Etoile Nord
CD-R, Private Release, 2006

FutureMusicCorp is a studio-bound, one-man project which started in 1999. “Etoile Nord” is the first proper album release of Mike65, aka the Irish musician Michael Carter, of which I knew some tracks from his previous recording “Lost in the Stars”.

“Etoile Nord” holds twelve ambient/space tracks which nicely starts off with the “In the Dark” and “Nebulae”, which now both have a thicker sound. The 11-minute title track is a nice floater with warm, meandering textures which could do with a bit more depth.
The overall sound and out-there atmosphere nicely continues through the gliding soundscapes of the next track “Atmospheric Musing”.

On the other hand, the sonic musings of the slow sequenced “City at Night” show some traces of Mychael Danna’s early soundtrack album “Planets, Stars & Galaxies”.
From the next track on, the musical content on each track loses more direction bit by bit.

This 48-minute atmospheric album is commercially available as download for only GBP 3.50 at Shopsonic.com, so surely worth giving it a go…..



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