Gadi Sassoon – Multiverse

Gadi Sassoon - Multiverse

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Gadi Sassoon – Multiverse
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2020

Gadi Sassoon is a composer from Milan of Syrian and Italian heritage who published music under the aliases Memory9 and Aliens at Home previously. “Multiverse” (existing both as stereo mixes and as an immersive multichannel experience) though is the first record he releases under his own name and is the result of a partnership with a team of physicists and mathematicians. The latter created some of the most advanced physical modelling synthesis algorithms in existence, so ahead of their time that they have to be run on a remote, custom super-computer.

On the path of discovery, Gadi found a tool he had long been looking for: a bridge between real and abstract sonic spaces, hyper-realistic sounds spectrally morphing into strange textures and vice versa. By mixing these algorithmic sounds with modular synths and live strings in his studio, Gadi was able to realize a vision where tangible acoustic sounds and abstract synthesis are brought together by a new textural domain that exhibits traits of both.

Well, it has led to a result -eight experimental, highly surreal electro-acoustic sonic spaces forming a 35-minute full-blown, weird cacophony tormenting my ears- that doesn’t rock my boat at all. Still, knock yourself out if you fancy this kind of stuff.





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