Galactic Anthems – Abstract Circuitry

Galactic Anthems - Abstract Circuitry

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Galactic Anthems – Abstract Circuitry
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

This is the second cd of Glenn Adams, who again surprises us with a nice blend of progressive and melodic EM.

Taking off with the title-track, Glenn sets course through a vast space of textures and poly-rhythms, nicely followed by the wandering textures of “Sunrise at Sheep Pass” with a short symphonic outburst.
“Smooth” is a groove, almost dance-like excursion with some ethereal topping before we arrive in the slightly experimental realms of “Madness” with strange voice-samples.

Things slow down with the cosmic atmospheres and harmonies of “Quietly Dreaming”, but with “Awakening” and “Unstoppable” things start rolling again with engaging tribal grooves. The strong 14 minute closing track “The Enchantment” is a delicate piece of space music offering lush synthesizer-cords and modulated sounds.

In all, “Abstract Circuitry” is a convincing, mature recording of exquisite sound quality which promises a lot for the future of Galactic Anthems.


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