Galactic Anthems – Galactic Anthems

Galactic Anthems - Galactic Anthems

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Galactic Anthems – Galactic Anthems
CD, Private Release, 2002

The musician behind Galactic Anthems is Glenn Adams. He attended Berklee College of music for several years and later on graduated in music composition at California State University.
This is his debut cd, which looks solid and nice from the outside. The music inside is best classified as space ambient, offering quite an original sound.

The album starts with very nice driving rhythms and mysterious textures, on the second track changing to a kind of ambient lounge with a certain jazzy feel (which is not really my cup of tea).
“Journey” takes off with fast, minimal sequencers and slight Vangelis flavours, ending up as a real sound drifter.

It doesn’t take long before the music takes a deeper dive on the tracks that follow. Sparkling Eastern sounds and warm soundscapes show up, nicely accompanied by pulsating rhythms.
“Tortured Souls” is a strong, dynamic outing with great expanding textures, fast rhythms and a strange mixture of sounds.

The following three tracks all contains a strong cinematic feel, it’s like flying above a fascinating alien landscape.
The last two pieces of the cd venture in more quiet, cosmic territory, creating a pleasant, desolate atmosphere.

This properly produced and composed cd is a very interesting album for all those who love the lighter and darker shades of spacemusic.


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