Galactic Anthems – Semper Fidelity

Galactic Anthems - Semper Fidelity

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Galactic Anthems – Semper Fidelity
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

A couple of years ago, Radio Massacre International did a concept album based on a story by sci-fi storyteller Matt Howarth.
Galactic Anthems, aka Glenn Adams, now comes with a similar kind of release, an enhanced cd offering a moody and dynamic musical score to the story which is added as a pdf-file. For the music, Glenn used several analogue instruments along some soft synthesizers.

The album takes off nicely with the slow-paced, warm soundings of “The Ferris Adagio”, but the following four tracks tap into a rhythmic roller coaster kind of music with solo voices, which sound rather freaky too my taste. Personally, I prefer the sequenced structures and backgrounds heard in these pieces.
Happily enough, the sixth and seventh track take the backseat, remaining overtly atmospheric and simple, before the title track brings things to an end.

Overall, I feel the soundtrack-element of this recording makes the music less stronger and pronounced when compared to his other recordings, but that can just be me.


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