Galactic Anthems – The Other Side

Galactic Anthems - The Other Side


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Galactic Anthems – The Other Side
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

With his seventh release “The Other Side”, Glenn Adams (aka Galactic Adams) treats us with a true cosmic album. The nine tracks offer a bright assortment of electronic sounds, ranging from a few dynamic, pulsating, rhythmic-sequencer driven pieces to cinematic spacious sketches making up the biggest part of the album.

The melodic, uptempo side is heard on e.g. “8:05 to Olympus Mons” and “Forward Motion”. Thereafter, the music takes a strong turn and heads into the far depths of the galaxy with soundscape outings.

The expansive deep spaces found on the second half of the cd are very well done. This galactic journey takes off with “Fog across the moor”. “Ghosts of the Andalusian Plain”,“In F” “System Sentinels” and the title track complete it. All are morphing, swirling but always “active” tracks, together clocking over 30 minutes.

This excellent deep space music offers lots of spacious details, evaporating a profound sense of mystery and adventure as we drift through and immerse into grand cosmic bubble.
Nice going, Glenn.


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