Gandalf – Journey to an Imaginary Land

Gandalf - Journey to an Imaginary Land

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Gandalf – Journey to an Imaginary Land
LP/CD, WEA Records, 1980

Here’s another journey down memory lane. “Journey to an Imaginary Land” is the fine instrumental debut by Austrian multi-instrumentalist Heinz Strobl (aka Gandalf) that would kick-off a whole series of dreamy and fantasy-inspired releases.

As a person, Mr Strobl has been very interested in philosophy and different religions since his early childhood, and travels to India would stir the sense of spirituality even more. All these elements, personal beliefs and visions culminated in the process of creating his own music, and transporting them in an emotive manner to his listeners. A thoughtful ear though can hear distinct influences from Pink Floyd or Genesis shine through in the carefully molded compositions.

The peaceful, New Age-flavored/alternative music found on “Journey to an Imaginary Land” is composed with acoustic/electric guitars blended with bass, drums, floating synth-pads and assorted electronics (including some very nice Moog sounds).

The six spherical, often guitar-lead, compositions incorporate influences from other cultures sophistically along a touch of symphonic music. As it passes by, their visual impact creates pictures in the listener’s mind quite easily. Check out this release if you like to hear moods of fantasy through sound.

It would take another nine years until the full album was released on (now since long out-of- print) cd, although two tracks of the album would also end up on the ’87 compilation “Fantasia” in condensed, remixed form.


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