Gandalf – Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom

Gandalf - Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom


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Gandalf – Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom
LP/CD, WEA, 1984

This narrative and emotive album extends on the enchanting, fairytale-like music of its predecessors, especially his debut “Journey to an Imaginary Land” comes to mind on various passages. Moreover “Tale from a long forgotten Kingdom” focuses on calming atmospheres and sacred/dreamy moods than on creating melodies.

Accomplished Austrian multi-instrumentalist Heinz Strobl created the 50-minute outcome all on his own, introduced some nice digital drums along the way and incorporating some fleeting wordless vocals by Pippa Armstrong on the second track. Once more, the blend of acoustic with electronic and spherical sounds is done masterfully while the esoteric-cinematic aural canvas gives a voice to tales of joy, sadness, love, melancholy and cosmic harmony.

Compared to Gandalf’s previous releases I’d say the overall character and sound of this one is brighter and even more comforting. After all these years Gandalf’s sixth album “Tale from a long forgotten Kingdom” still makes a pleasant sonic escape from the craziness, hectic, pressure and chaos from today’s world.


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