Gandalf – To Another Horizon

Gandalf - To Another Horizon

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Gandalf – To Another Horizon
LP/CD, WEA Records, 1982

For the music on the 48-minute release “To Another Horizon”, Heinz Strobl has assembled a fine selection of skilled musicians (on bass, drums, flute and grand piano/organ) to accompany him on this fantastic journey through imaginary landscapes.

Gandalf himself still plays a rich set of instruments, most notably the acoustic and electric guitars along a good portion of mellotron and synths. The concept album addresses some environmental issues of our globe and those threatening or destroying nature, all caused by mankind. This alarming message is reflected in the darker-flavored and denser undercurrent embedded in the instrumental music and Gandalf’s more aggressive and meaner guitar playing.

Sonically, the music is a continuation of his previous two recordings: progrock-elements and new age flavors are scattered all over the album while a fairytale-like and relaxing veil is lying over the whole moody at times even dreamy outcome. Most notable are the first two pieces “March of No Reason” and “Natural Forces Getting Out of Control”.

Once more, the many influences from Heinz trips to Asia are most distinguishable on this recording. The release made it onto cd in 1990 after the success of the compilation “Fantasia”.


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