Gandalf – Visions

Gandalf - Visions


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Gandalf – Visions
LP/CD, WEA, 1981

“Visions”, Gandalf’s second album, extends further on the moods of fantasy through sound introduced on his debut album “Journey to an Imaginary Land”, painting another sonic narrative inspired by Tolkien’s writings.

The entirely instrumental 48-minute outcome offers dreamy and atmospheric, yet melodic compositions with a recurring musical guiding theme which sees Heinz Strobl combine synths with Eastern instruments (sitar, tabla) along electric and acoustic guitars expertly. Here, all elements are in balance, also when prog- und ethno-ingredients are implemented into the music.

As such “Visions” overall journey forms a beautiful aural sanctuary where the evoked moods and magical moments point to far more relaxed, slow-lane realities beyond the modern world we live in.
It would take until 1989 before the full album was released on cd.

P.S. A bit more info on the story behind “Visions” can be found in the Features-section.


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