Gastón Arévalo – Rollin Ballads

Gastón Arévalo - Rollin Ballads

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Gastón Arévalo – Rollin Ballads
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Oktaf Records, 2013

Gastón Arévalo is a musician from Uruguay, whose album “Rollin Ballads” is a nature- inspired album featuring eight neo-classical and pop-ambient sound collages, evoking a certain aural and visual feel.

Sound wise it clearly fits in the roaster of the Oktaf-label, offering calm but foggy/modulated synthetic washes, lush field recordings and soft-ringing, cyclic loops expressing a fascination for natural and urban surroundings.

The outcome though is not coming out as bright sounding as I personally prefer, while I also wasn’t grabbed that much by some never ending sonic repetitions. The velvet excursions undertaken on the last three tracks “Selvagem”, “Geographia II” and “Luxembourg” are more up my alley, certainly when listened to with headphones. I blame it on the necessary intimacy and introspection lacking too much on the other pieces, along the heavy distorted slow breathing string pads, all ending up in a collage of ambient abstract/experimental music.



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