Geodesium – A Gentle Rain of Starlight

Geodesium - A Gentle Rain of Starlight

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Geodesium – A Gentle Rain of Starlight
CD, Loch Ness Productions, 2007

I must confess that although I’m a long-time space music fan I’ve never laid my hands on nor have I heard any music of Geodesium aka Mark C. Petersen until now. Since he started out around 1978, he has provided planetariums all over the worlds with original music for their shows, which he later compiled on lp’s (and later on) cds. “A Gentle Rain of Starlight” is his eighth album, filled with 13 music tracks to accompany the star-filled dome. I must say the job has been done well as the music glides through sensitive, light corridors, tapping into an accessible pool of slightly Serrie-kindred sound currents in which softness and romance are always nearby. The overall sound is well done but very mellow, and the varied but recognizable sound pallet of the Korg Karma shows up quite a lot as leading voice on most tracks. So look out for lots of sparkling sound and semi-melodic washes scattered over all tracks, carrying you away on a peaceful and gentle cosmic journey. Personal highlight is the great swirling soundtextures of “Celestial Solitude”, the only minor track being “Starlight Lullaby”, which sounds overdue and a bit dull to my ears. Although Geodesium’s music doesn’t establish the much deeper celestial sound design of Jonn Serrie, the music as such is surely recommended to any ambient space music fan.


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