Geodesium – Music from Space Park 360

Geodesium - Music from Space Park 360

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Geodesium – Music from Space Park 360
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Loch Ness Productions, 2010

With “Music from Spacepark 360”, Mr Geodesium (aka US-synthesist Mark C. Petersen) invites his listeners to a quite different sonic ride than the stuff usually found on his space music releases.

The 32-minute (!) release is more dynamic, up-tempo and features more spiced-up instrumental tracks, as it was derived from a show soundtrack created for an amusement park. The sound palette featured on the 11 melodic songs shifts from organs and guitars to symphonic oriented synths and is accompanied by energetic drums and percussion.

I personally couldn’t adjust to this more progressive and times even a bit flat sounding tracks while rushing through the solar system. This frantic, restless and extreme space journey making up “Music from Spacepark 360” just isn’t my cup of tea.
The Geodesium I’m used to can do much better than this


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