Gert Emmens – A Boy’s World

Gert Emmens - A Boy's World


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Gert Emmens – A Boy’s World
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2007

On the concept-album “A Boy’s World”, Gert Emmens tries to capture a bit of the world, ideas, dreams and fantasies of his up growing son Frank. The albums contains six tracks which all breath a warm, positive and at-easy feel. The music is inviting and at times also cinematic with some powerful moments as well, but the match between attractive, varied sequencing and a nice pallet of great analogue synth textures, fx’s and some great soloing is again well done. These 70 minutes have a relaxed feel with some distinct traces of melancholy, certainly when we arrive at the impressive closing track “Nothing lasts forever”, a warm, blanket which is rapped around you by somebody very close. The excellent mastering by Ron Boots is the perfect icing for this beauty.
Chapeau Gert !


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