Gert Emmens – An Artist’s Stroke

Gert Emmens - An Artist's Stroke

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Gert Emmens – An Artist’s Stroke
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2012

For the concept album “An Artist’s Stroke”, inspired by the life and works of the late Russian painter Yuri Pugachov, Dutch synthesist Gert Emmens has composed some vintage music with a strong lyrical feel.

Overall, the retro sequencing is well done but also executed in the same manner. Furthermore, Gert shows a strong focus on spatial sound design along many melancholic leads floating over beautifully sculptured and warm synth tapestries and smooth pulsating bass patterns.
While some flavours of Vangelis aren’t far away, the outcome has a pleasant unhurriedness and breaths a moody atmosphere all the way. In a certain way it also creates a nice sense of space and an opportunity to reflect on things.

Personally, I’m not blown away by this release, but if you’re fond of the typical “Emmens”-sound and sequencing, “An Artist’s Stroke” will certainly be a most pleasing and satisfactory recording.


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