Gert Emmens – Metamorphosis

Gert Emmens - Metamorphosis

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Gert Emmens – Metamorphosis
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2010

Marking his tenth release on the established Dutch Groove Unlimited label, Gert Emmens decided to stick to the use of old vintage gear without MIDI for the 73-minute “Metamorphosis”.
For those interested, Gert included a complete list of gear used on each of the six tasty tracks.

As usual the use, layering and assembling of sounds is outstanding, as is the implementation of rhythmic and supporting sequencial movements in this lengthy work where warmth and atmosphere are key elements.

The single tracks on “Metamorphosis” are well composed and nicely evolving, each displaying a varied and lush array of synth tapestries, solo voices and melodic chords. All these elements create a warm and inviting space in which a sense of wonder, beauty and even enlightment shine through all the way.

Without returning to the sound of the vintage ‘70’s, Mr Emmens has composed a rather progressive, overall lively and dynamic EM-journey.


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